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Welcome to the Great Rift Company!  We do a little bit of everything, mostly connected with the outdoors. On this website, you'll find a great array of free or inexpensive outdoor resources & software . . .


Publishing.  Here are links to books we publish:



Guide to Idaho PaddlingOutdoor Books:

Guide to Idaho Paddling Easy paddling trips in Idaho

Winter Tales History of skiing, and backcountry/cross-country skiing, Snowshoeing & Snowboarding in Idaho, Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

Never Turn Back The life of the whitewater world's most famous personality, Walt Blackadar

Ski Camping How to keep from freezing your...well, you-know-what!


(If you are a store owner or from a library and you need ordering information, here's the link: store & library page. Note that we believe in and support locally owned businesses, and we do not sell to Amazon or chain stores.)


Idaho PaddlingIdaho Paddler's Website

Idaho Paddler's Website. This is a special website which supplements the book Guide to Idaho Paddling. Here, you'll find updated information on Idaho rivers, including any changes to rivers that might have occurred since the latest edition of the book was published. Included also are new paddling trips - and for folks in Northern Idaho, we've added much more to the paddling summaries included in the book.


Outdoor Book Reviews

MooseGuide to Outdoor Literature: Totally free. The web's largest resource with reviews & information on the best outdoor books: new and old.

Main Page Outdoor Book Reviews - Reviews of new and upcoming books, reviews of outdoor classics, reading recommendations and more.

Best Reading Lists: Best Outdoor Books The web's most extensive collection of reading lists for outdoor book lovers

National Outdoor Book Awards (NOBA) NOBA is the largest and most prestigious book award in the outdoor world. Information on the latest winners.

The Outdoor Experience Reading List This is a list that I've assembled and use in my Outdoor Literature, a course that I teach for college credit.


Software.  Free or low cost software programs:


MouseMain Index to Programs  This the main page with information
and links to all of our software program.

AnyOrder A shareware program for small internet or mail order businesses—or any business that needs to process orders received by phone, mail, web or email.

AnyCard Freeware: Credit Card Processing Software

RaceAid Freeware for Athletic Racing Events

AnyBook Small Publisher's Business Kit

AnyPO Purchase Order Software


Other Outdoor Resources

SunflowerStories & Articles (Outdoor adventure stories, profiles of old-timers, and reflections of days spent in the outdoors.)

Outdoor Resources (Informational articles, equipment lists)..

Climbing Route: Highway to Heaven, Storm Point, Tetons (A newly described rock climbing route in the Tetons)

Outdoor Education Papers (Safety, Teaching Techniques, Common Adventure Philosophy, Essays, etc.)

Outdoor Literature Resources (Information and links to materials, lectures, maps and other resources associated with an Outdoor Literature Course that I teach.)

Map & Compass Resources (Links to information and illustrative material on how to use a compass, how to take map and field bearings, and how to effectively use bearings in the field.)


Odd & Ends

Old CompassPhotoshop Helpful Information: It's nearly impossible to find this information:  how to determine the opacity or transparency of an image; and an illustrated guide on how to reduce image transparency or increase image opacity.

More Photoshop Information.  One process that is not explained very well in the Photoshop help documentation is how to combine or merge paths. Here's how.

Idaho State University Outdoor Studies.  If you - or if you know of someone - who is interested in the outdoors and who is looking at potential colleges, you’ll want to check out Idaho State.  Idaho State has a great major in outdoor education.  Or even if you not interested in majoring in Outdoor Education, it's a wonderful place to get a good education and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.


Here are some other subsidiary sites to the ISU Outdoor Education site: AlterVista | Google Sites | Google Web | Facebook | Google + | Word Press | eWeb | Hostinger (UK)





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